US Department of HUD Email:
Distributive Shares Branch
Customer Service: 800-598-4037
Fax: 410-637-3548



It’s been great serving you since 2009!

Unfortunately, we no longer have enough Refund Processors to support our operations. Our last official day will be December 31, 2017.

We will no longer bill anyone’s credit card beyond October 31st, 2017. 

We are keeping our membership site up and available for you to use through December 31, 2017 to give you time to transition to a manual system.

We will be providing a link to download all of your Updated Records and Archived Records. Those download links will be available no later than Saturday, Nov 4th, in your Smart Tools account.

We will be making the letter and form templates available for download as well. Please check for instructions on downloading those in the next week or so.

You may access the most recent HUD lists on the government website.

Customer service will be available solely through email from now until November 28th, 2017. Please email your questions to

Thank you for being a part of our life over the years.


Smart Tools Team



ATTENTION: New Processing Requirements from HUD

HUD has changed the way refunds are processed.  They have reverted to the old way of processing with the Tracer Found Case form and the HUD-27050-B form (a form that is sent from HUD to the claimant).  Click the links provided to view our new help articles on this process.

How To #9 - Step 2B Send Tracer Found Case Form

How To #10 - Step 2C HUD Sends The Claimant the HUD-27050-B Form


11/9/2017— September HUD Lists Loaded to Smart Tools.

The most current HUD list was uploaded to our software. You may find that several of your clients were moved to your Archived Records tab. What this means is: HUD removed that claimant from the list. Be sure to review the names on your Archived Records, they should be expecting a check from HUD and may have already received it. Be sure to always follow-up with your clients.


HUGE New Tool For Refund Processors!

As our top processors know, finding good address information on the home owners has always been one of the challenges of processing refunds. There are many different People Search sites, with varying degrees of reliability. And regardless of which one you use, you're left cutting and pasting data into the Smart Tools site to merge with the letters. Well, cut and paste no more! We have partnered with one of the top People Search companies and have integrated their search results right into the Smart Tools interface, so you never have to leave our site! And adding current address information is as easy as clicking a button! To learn more, click on the "Locate Address History" tab above.

7/16/12— Improvements to Smart Tools Website!

Based on your requests, we are working on adding some improvements to the Smart Tools interface. We don't have these changes documented yet in our help screens or videos, but we'll get those up shortly. In the meantime, you can now add multiple records from a HUD search to your Updated Records, you can search your Updated Records, and in the HUD search you can now search between refund amounts, i.e. "between $1000 and $2000." Use "Live Chat" with our customer support if you have any questions about the new features.


12/15/11— New Requirements from HUD.

HUD now requires a photocopy of the borrower's Social Security Card and Driver's License to be submitted with the Proof of Ownership documentation. The letter that goes with the HUD Fax Form has been updated to reflect this.


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